Fire Sprinkler Installation

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Blazemaster Tubing

Why Integral Fire Sprinklers  Use BlazeMaster® Tubing?

The Lubrizol Corp. pioneered the use of nonmetallic piping

 in fire sprinkler systems The product name is BlazeMaster®

and it has been a large influence on the increased popularity

by reducing the installation cost for fire sprinkler systems

dramatically by offering an unbeatable combination of

dependability, performance and cost-effectiveness

Blazemaster pipe and fittings are resistant to corrosion  and have aw frictional coefficient compared to metal making it ideal for the high flow rates associated with fire sprinkler systems.

Blazemaster tube and fittings offer a high tolerance to heat with good smoke and flame characteristics. It is a fast, clean system to install because the glued joints eliminate the need for open torches on site.

When the pipe work is secured and the fire sprinkler heads fitted, the entire system is wet pressure tested to 8bar. Every joint is visually inspected for leaks and the system left under pressure until it is connected to the water main supply or fire pump set.

Domestic & Residential Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler System Installation

Typical fire sprinkler installations will use Blazemaster CPVC pipe work and concealed fire sprinkler heads. The pipe work and sprinkler heads are installed in accordance with the design drawings. The pipe work is secured to the structure and glued together with solvent cement.

It is preferable for the fire sprinkler heads to be fitted as part of the first fix, to allow for pressure testing of the whole system, prior to it being closed up by ceilings/floors. Each sprinkler head is fitted accurately to ensure the sprinkler cover plate sits flush to the finished ceiling.

A minimum ceiling void of 150mm is required when concealed sprinkler heads are installed.

Compatibility of Blazemaster

BlazeMaster® Pipe & Fittings have been tested exhaustively to ensure that they are compatible chemically with a range of products used within the building industry, which  includes thread sealants, and fire stopping products.

There is a list of compatible products on the BlazeMaster® website



How does BlazeMaster tubing work?

When exposed to a very high temperature, the chemical consistency of the tube is such that it forms a charred layer which in turn, insulates the tube from any further effects of the fire.

It is important to point out however, that the tube must be fully charged with water to ensure that it functions to its maximum potential

 This video demonstrates how Blazemaster pipe reacts to heat. The pipe design prevents damage to the integrity of the pipe during fire conditions
please not that the heat source is from a propane turbo flame torch and the temperatures reached here in the video are extreme temperatures, and very localized, These temperatures far exceed any temperature that are going to be reached in a normal house fire.


This video shows the condition of the Blazemaster pipe after subjection to extreme heat. Resulting in no heat damage to the inner core. Even though it was chard on the outside the heat was unable to penetrate the outer layers and affect the structure of the pipe, As you can see the fire damage is strictly on the outside, and there is no damage at all to the inner walls of the pipe. This has been designed into the structure of the blazemaster pipe and with this quality the integrity of the system will be kept during a fire situation.