Fire Sprinkler Servicing

flow meter

All our Fire Sprinkler Servicing packages include:-

  •     Annual Service visits which can last up to 70 minutes
  •     We will perform a visual inspection of all sprinkler heads
  •     Conduct a flow test
  •     Take a pressure reading of the installation
  •     Test the linked alarm system if present
  •     Test alarm backup batteries
  •     Test the pump if present
  •     Inspect the condition of the tank if present
  •     Check and test electrical and valve components
  •     Update your copy of the Service Record if present
  •     Certificate of Servicing if system passes all tests & checks
  •     Full Service Report if system fails, with recommendations

Servicing is required to ensure that your fire suppression system will perform as expected in the event it is called upon to do so.

The British Standard BS9251:2014 (fire sprinklers) and BS8458:2015 (water mist) recommends that a fire system is serviced by a competent person on a regular basis.

We would suggest this should be done no less than once every 12 months.

Depending on the use of the property, there could be a legal requirement for the system to be serviced, tested and certified on an ongoing basis. If you are a landlord, you must maintain the system as the landlord is responsible for the fire safety of the tenants.


Maintenance Contracts for the Homeowner

Domestic Maintenance contracts start from as little as £11 a month,

  • depending on dwelling size.
  • This ongoing contract would consist of one annual visit, comprising of,
  •  Full visual inspection of the system
  •  Full flow test of the system
  •  A full report in the likely event that parts needs replacing
  • A certificate of serving (may be a requirement of the insurance company)
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
  • In the unlikely event that there is a fire, the first 2 hours of labour is included to get the system up and running*

* This does not include the price of any replacement parts

Maintenance Contracts for Landlords & Residential

Due to the nature of these types of premises, a site survey will be required to establish an accurate quote.

Contact Jeff Davies at integral fire sprinklers LTD to arrange for a visit.